Thursday, December 30, 2010


The cartoon Planet 51 had this little lunar rover type vehicle in it.

My local Dollar Tree had some of these rovers in it too.

They are probably about 1/32nd scale but I like them for 1/72nd scale figures.

My plan is to repaint them and make them into some kind of laser or lightening bolt thrower vehicle.

Here is the rover with several of the PAeL Automatons.

Rovers like this can explore many strange worlds, this is just one of them.


easternfunker said...

Plasma cannon SPGs or Sonic Tanks (a la Dune 2 computer game) sound good, too.

ccm2361 said...

Note to self

visit dollar Tree more often


Nice find!

Bunkermeister said...

Oh, sonic tanks, I like that EF!

Bunkermeister said...

I try and hit the dollar stores at least once a month.

easternfunker said...

You're welcome to it ^_^

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks EF.