Friday, December 31, 2010

Pellucidar Transport Company

This is a GI Joe Mole.

Its designed for one 3 1/2 inch tall GI Joe figure, but you gotta look past that and see it as a huge vehicle for little men.

My plan is to glue the windows shut and paint them over.

Then it becomes a big mole machine.

Mole machines are a way to take men and even Automatons into realms of the underworld.

All sorts of monsters may lurk there and this is how you get there.

Mole machines have been popular science fiction devices for at least 100 years. Now I got one too!


Bob G. said...

That mole looks like something you'd find THUNDERBIRD 2 carrying.

Looks great w/ the smaller figures.

carry on

Bunkermeister said...

Well, paint it orange and put a bit 2 on it.