Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Roco Corbitt Truck

Roco Minitanks Z-191 Corbitt truck.

This one was missing a rear seat.
So I made a new one.
First I made sure all my Corbitt trucks had seat, and that there were no extras in the spares box some place.
I used Evergreen Plastics sheet plastic with a scribed pattern on it very similar to the wooden slats on the original Roco seats.
Corbitt truck painted Model Master Olive Drab.
While this mold might have been made over 50 years ago the model holds up well.

 After painting with Testors Olive Drab the seats are nearly identical.  The uprights are little bits of Evergreen plastic.  All the plastic is from the spares box.  I keep all the little bits because they often get used eventually.

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