Friday, September 8, 2023

Canal Defense Light

WWII US Army Lee tank made by Reviresco, I got it from Fidelis Models.
Canal Defense Light CDL in resin.  Not sure where I got this one, I have two different ones and I got them a long time ago.
As part of my Sherman tank project I started working on the Canal Defense Lights.  They were a special searchlight mounted in an armored turret on top of a Lee or Grant tank with the original turret removed.  This one had a damaged fender so I fixed it with some sheet plastic.
Four of the lifting eyes are from Paul Heiser Models Sherman kit.  They did not mold properly on the original turret.
I have about a dozen of these turrets and a mighty host of Lee tanks.
Mostly the CDL in American service was mounted on the M3 Lee with the riveted hull, or the M3A1 Lee with the cast hull.
Some of them used the Lee style suspension and some of the late production ones used the Sherman style suspension, called the "Heavy" suspension.  The 75mm gun still worked so they could defend themselves.

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