Sunday, September 10, 2023

M47 Repair Depot

The M47s have had their paint stripped.
Now like a tank boneyard they sit waiting for rehabiltation.
The tank is taken apart and all the flash is removed and the vehicle inspected. 
All non-standard parts are removed, tools, ammo boxes, fuel cans, bags, and whatever.  Note the replacement bow machine guns in the lower plastic cut waiting for installation if needed.  The upper M47 is missing the bow machine gun.  The upper cup is bits that have been cut off the M47s, including crews, and other gear.
The little wheels are replaced if the are missing.
New axles and wheels are ready.  Since the M47 has track connectors that stick out to the sides they get stuck in the carpet on my wargame table, I use the little wheels, it reduces the problem.
Clips for the little wheels, some will be trimmed to fit, others will go back in the spares box.

 Plastruct plastic coated wire, very strong, very stiff.  I trim off about 1/4 inch of plastic from one end and file down the other end so it tapers.  Drill out the end of the bow machine gun mount and insert the rod in all the way to the plastic part.  Use both Plastruct glue and gap filling super glue to hold it in securely.  After painting it looks as good as the original and much stronger.

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