Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Mostly Perfect Replicas, Mostly

Working on the M41 continues as I wait for the hatch to dry.
This tank has had the corner knocked off, the plastic may be a little brittle.
New fender corner made out of sheet plastic scraps.  Always save all the plastic sheet plastic bits for just such a project.
It turned out pretty well, and a bit of ultrathin sheet plastic glued underneath for extra strength.
Edges filed down once the glue was dry and it's perfect.
Original hatch and perfect replicas.  Okay there is some flash and they need the clay cleaned off.  But other than that, nearly perfect replicas.  Mostly


jeigheff said...

A genuine reproduction! Nice work.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thank you kind sir.

It is really sad to lose important pieces like a hatch and not be able to get replacement parts. It's one of the main reasons I learned to cast things, so I could bring vehicles out of the junk yard and put them back in service.

Thanks for reading.

Legion4 said...

Yes I had to cast some of my own parts too ...

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

It's good to have the skills to make little bits. Sometimes I cast them, sometimes I scratch build the parts I need. I am trying to bring as many of my old Roco collection back into full service as possible. Out of just shy of 100 M47 tanks I have only had one that was not recoverable, it had no turret, no main gun, no turret hatch, and the hull was badly warped. It did donate a new right side suspension set to another tank that had a mis-molded one. So I have about a 99% success rate!

Thanks for reading and commenting Legion4.