Saturday, January 14, 2023

Submersible Black and Red

A submersible is a type of vessel that is typically either tethered to a support ship or operates from a support ship.
The submersible has limited range and endurance and is intended to be transported to it's operational area by another vessel usually a surface ship but sometimes, a submarine.  Submarines are particularly useful for clandestine or military operations of the submersible.
At the end of their mission the submersible returns to the mothership for replenishment or to return to port.
Submersibles typically have a crew of three, a pilot and specialized crew such as scientists or military technicians.
Some submersibles can crawl along the ocean floor with tracks so that they can perform work with the ocean floor as a stable platform.  This particular model has a grasping claw on the port (left) side and a cutting wheel on the starboard (right) side.  As this 1/72nd scale James Bond figure demonstrates this model is large enough for a three man crew.  A submersible like this could do rescue or salvage work.  Sometimes a submersible like this can person maintenance on undersea cables or even intentionally damage undersea communication cables.

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