Saturday, January 28, 2023

Submachine Guns and Rifles

Soldier with his rifle at the ready and soldier firing submachine gun over his head.
I am not a fan of this pose, firing an automatic rifle from behind cover and not aiming the weapon is more of a post-WWII era pose.  Troops who are interested in putting out a lot of fire in the direction of the enemy but not wanting to expose themselves to fire in order to aim are more related to troops with low morale, and minimal training.  I remember seeing a famous photo of a US soldier doing that in Vietnam from the bottom of a trench.  It's also not unusual to see "terrorists" firing that way.
Light machine gun and reloading.
I like these to poses a lot.  Troops on the move often fire their light machine gun from the shoulder and since the Japanese machine gun has a box magazine it makes it easier to do without the awkward belt.
Tossing a grenade and firing the submachine gun from the shoulder.
Two very good poses, particularly nice to see the submachine gun pose after the other rather poor one.

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