Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The End and Behind the Scenes

The firepower of the cannons, ready for the attack scored early hits.

The last War Machine staggered in the gas.

But like the others it stumbled and fell breaking up when it hit the ground.

The battle was over as quickly as it started with the War Machines defeated with no loss for the humans.

These are mostly Wal-Mart Christmas buildings set up on a table in my back yard over night.  I put a large board on the wire top table so the snow would build up.  The vehicles are all slush cast and resin models.  The slush cast are probably 80 years old or more.  Most have had their wheels replaced with more authentic resin wheels and all have had their paint stripped off, dents and tears repaired, and then primer painted and finished with olive drab spray paint.  Details painted by hand.  The US Army in raised letters on the sides of the trucks was painted in authentic colors for the branch of the troops.  The US Army assigned colors for each branch, such as light blue for Infantry and Buff for Quartermaster.  I used those colors to depict which branch the vehicle was assigned to.  The snow is real snow that fell overnight here in Kentucky I get about two to five snow days per year.  These photos were taken in January, 2022.  I post photos five or six months before they actually appear in the blog so that I never miss a day.  The gravel around the table has a light dusting of snow and the snow on the table is less than one inch deep.  I like taking photos outside because the lighting looks better.  I like using the table because I can get up close to the models and get at their level easier than having to lay down on the ground.

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