Friday, June 10, 2022

BatTrophy Room

Most of the comic book versions of Batman have a Trophy Room as a part of the Batcave.  It is more of a museum of the events of Batman's adventures.  It also serves as a depository of obsolete or surplus Bat Gear and Vehicles.  Usually it is at the lower level of the Batcave.
This old 1940s version of the Batmobile is one of the type of obsolete vehicles you might find.
It is also famous for items the relate to previous adventures.  The Giant Penny is one of them.
The BatCycle.  Note the sidecar with Robin insignia.
Batmobile in Army markings, standard Batmobile, and Batcopter.
This standard Batmobile has a temporary Robin marking on the door, and I hope to to print and replace it with a decal soon.

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