Saturday, January 29, 2022

It's a Small World

This is an It's a Small World Disney Christmas ornament.
I got it for part of my Disneyland Model project.
In real life this clock tower protrudes out in front of the rest of the front of the building housing the attraction.
This is the back of the ornament.  Very cute with little kids and the Billy Goat on the hilltop.  Scenes from the attraction.
My plan is to use a poster as the front of the attraction and this as the centerpiece to give it more depth.
This is the top showing the hook where you can hang it from the Christmas tree.  It comes with a nice piece of ribbon to actually hang on the tree and the ribbon attached to the hook with a lobster catch and swivel.  It allows the ornament to avoid tangling.  Very well done, very high quality, good design.
The bottom.  They make a few other ornaments that I hope to get for this project.
James Bond at Disneyland, License to Kill at the Happiest Place on Earth.


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