Friday, January 21, 2022

Wargame Rules from Ancient Times

H.G. Wells, the War of the Worlds author also wrote a set of wargame rules for toy soldiers.  It is interesting to read.  It involves shooting toy cannons at the soldiers to make your kills.

This is Angriff, the first set of wargame rules that I played. I played it so much the pamphlet wore out and I had to get the second edition, shown here.  Long out of print, as I understand it there is a problem getting hold of anyone who wrote it or published it to get the rights to reprint it.  I think it would sell, it's quick and easy to play and works for models as small as micro-armor 1/300th scale and as large as 1/72nd scale. I eventually wrote my own set of rules but these are still a very good set.

The next set I got was Tractics.  It included modern armor up to about 1980 for Cold War gone hot games.  It was similar in many ways to Angriff.  It was designed for one solder and one tank model were equal to one real soldier and one real tank.  I like that.

Tractics consisted of three books each as big as Angriff, and a similar number of charts for the armor of the different vehicles and penetration and chance to hit the target for hundreds of weapons.  IT was also more complete than Angriff with more countries represented, and other aspects to war like paratroopers.

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