Monday, January 24, 2022

How Do I Store My Collection?

Most  of my figure collection is unpainted plastic soldiers in 1/72nd scale.
So they get put into plastic food storage boxes.  The boxes are color coded, Red for WWII Germans and WWII Soviet Union.  Blue or Green for US Army, Yellow for Japan, etc.
I put a post it note on the box to indicate the unit.  This is my WWII German Western Front Infantry Division Anti-tank Gun Battalion.
This is my WWII German Eastern Front Infantry Division Light Artillery First Battalion Headquarters.
Not all my figures are assigned to specific units yet, I anticipate a big sorting will happen next year.  This box is coded Revell, World War II, Deutches Reich (Nazi Germany) Africa Corps, 234 figures, so about 5 or 6 boxes of them.
Sometimes I use the package the figures came in, in this case WWII German Paratroopers from Mars.
These are WWII German miscellaneous hard plastic figures and accessories.  Often they are figures that came with a kit, often are not assembled, sometimes came in a lot of used items, that have not been assigned to a unit yet, or may have been mis-sorted or otherwise separated from their unit.
Vehicles and these food storage boxes are stored  in underbed storage boxes on custom built shelving under my wargaming table in the basement.  This is my WWII Soviet and German collection.  Each box contents  are noted on a 3X5 card taped on the inside of the box.  It's not hoarding if the boxes are neat and labelled. 


BaldingNinja said...

I like your storage solution! It's also good for the environment, at least the left over containers from food. :)

Brutorz Bill said...


peter said...

Looks real nice Mike! At this moment I'm sorting out my collection of loose figures by brand. Next step is by set. Still a lot of work to do. :-D


Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thank you BaldingNinja. I am all about the green, when it makes sense to do. In this case it is an elegant response, I think. I get nice food, and then a container to use for the army men. I have some of these containers that have been in use for 20 years.
Thanks for reading.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thank you Brutorz Bill. It his been a long road to travel, but I have had a lot of fun.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

That is a lot of work. I used to use zip loc type bags, but they did not work long term they shred. Still they can be useful for short term storage like storing.
Happy sorting Peter.

Gordon-David Filbry said...

Hello Bunkermeister,

I agree, Zip-loc's only for small parts or short term...
Plastic underbed or others for storage of vehicles, ships and planes. The only allowance to use plastic to store our plastic "addictions". And you are right, it's not hoarding but collecting...

At my end the method's to determine size of amounts (Division of production by 1'000 for vehicles, Division 100'000 for figurines etc.) started to develop in wishful units. Units are more interesting but also bloating up the numbers, as they support units and sections are added...

Happy collection

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Hello Monster Wargaming, thanks for commenting. I use real tables of organization, and notional ones as well as the mood suits me. And yes, support units are essential.

I used to store my collection in cardboard underbed storage boxes but spiders, mice, and water damaged changed my mind about that. Although plastic is more expensive in the long run it lasts longer and keeps the collection safer.