Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Plastic Army Women Shooting and Stuff

The dog handler and dog is a great piece, actually, three pieces, handler, leash, and dog.  The leash attaches to the dog with a loop and the handler has a ring hand.  Dog looks great too.
Stretcher team has to slightly different stretcher bearers.  Note two different heads!  Casualty figure can be comforted on the ground by the medic or carried on the stretcher.
Automatic rifle with scope and bipod, or perhaps sniper?  And the crawling figure is exactly how Cold War US Army troops were trained to keep the rifle out of the dirt.
Prone and standing firing.  Plenty of action in this set.  The prone firing figure is a modification of the prone sniper.  Brings much more value to the set with more poses but limited expense to the company.  Brilliant.
The rest of the team, officer with handgun, radio operator, grenade thrower, kneeling firing, and several others.

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