Monday, April 19, 2021

MPC 60mm Germans

In the 1960s MPC made WWII era German troops.  You can tell them by their MPC style. MPC figures often had a lot of wrinkles in the clothing, sharp detail on the buttons and pockets.  And they had the sort of zig zag stands too.
Most of them also included a hole in the base.  MPC vehicles and ships often had a peg on them so the troops could stand up on deck while the vehicle was driven around.
This guy seems to have an MP38 but without the magazine he is not too threatening.
I like that this guy has a field phone.  The cord is pretty cool too.  He looks to me like he is handing the phone to the MPC officer figure.
Breaking in your door?  Hitting you with the rifle butt?  Use the pointy end Fritz.


banzai55 said...

I'm sure you already know this; but the same company made Russians and Japanese soldiers too, reusing many of the same poses, but changing the details; so, for the German with the unloaded MP-38; there was a Russian, same pose, but with a rifle and an astrakhan hat; and, for the Japanese, a helmet and a rifle with bayonet. And; un-PC as it would be today, some of the Japanese soldiers were wearing glasses...

Unknown said...

Yes, and those Japanese and Russians are available as cheap recasts too!

Thanks for reading banzai55.