Tuesday, December 26, 2017

British Command

HaT Industrie Zulu War British Command set.

Most of what I know about the Zulu Wars comes from watching the movies Zulu Dawn and Zulu.  I am okay with that, they were good movies and it's not a period I really wargame.  I have a number of British Colonial troops and some Esci Zulus but that's about the extent of my British Empire.  These troops are more likely to be used as Americans of the late 1800, the US Army used similar uniforms and helmets, or get used to fight invading Martians.

This set is a great idea, they provide several alternate arms holding different weapons and accessories that can be mixed and matched to make different troops.  The horse mounted officer can have binoculars, a pistol, a sword, or the flag.  American horse cavalry carried a guidon rather than an actual flag most of the time.

These figures carry supplies or buckets.

This pose is intended as the flag bearer, but I have him a pistol and a sword for more variety.

Here they got a pistol, two riflemen, or binoculars.  I like this ability to change up the poses.

The set also comes with these men who have integral arms.  All of these poses are grate for a command set.  Most are officers, or supply troops, sergeants waving, pointing or shouting also!  Great figures with no flash.  I used gap filling super glue, but figures were washed with soap, warm water and a toothbrush to remove the mold release.  Until they were washed they would not take the glue.

I think they fit rather well with the Christmas building.


tsold3000 said...

A nice set,the infantry is hard to find right now but they fit in well with the ESCI set.I`m getting it all together for The Sword and The Flame.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

These do fit in well with Esci.