Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wheeled Recon

This should be a great little high speed all terrain recon vehicle. 

It will have to have the paint stripped off and get re-painted.

I anticipate using it for my Starship Troopers.

I am considering a two part gray camouflage scheme.

It still requires some research and work yet.


Pat G said...

Nice find but why do they have to blob the paint on so thick?

banzai55 said...

Do you have a reliable, reasonably economical on-line resource where you buy your military paints, stripper, glue, and decals from? I just bought a bunch of old matchbox alvis stalwarts in that stupid white British Petroleum paint scheme that are just crying for an olive drab/flat black repaint, with suitable decals, but my only model store resource shut down about a year ago. If you have a link to a place you use, I would appreciate you sharing it - Thanks!

Mike Creek said...

I use Rustoleum camouflage paints. I get them at Wal-Mart, they are sold at most home improvement stores too, but Wal-Mart is cheaper. Deep Forest Green makes a good Post-WWII olive drab. They also make a camouflage olive in their automotive line, I have not tried that yet.

For paint stripper I buy it from Wal-Mart or Lowes or similar, in the paint department. Read the labels, the stuff is nasty. Use gloves and wear good eye protection, I only use it outside. Only use it on metal parts, it will melt plastic. For plastic I use Purple Power or Simple Green to remove paint. Soak it for a day or two or three.

I get decals from my friend Randy at Fidelis Models.

I use Bob Smith Industries 5 minute epoxy, lots of places sell it under several names. Amazon has it for a reasonable price. Its great for gluing dis-similar materials, like Hot Wheels metal bodies to plastic chassis.

Good luck.

Mike Creek said...

I think the nature of mass production of toys requires pretty heavy paint for they will be played with by kids who are hard on toys.