Monday, June 6, 2016

Captain America

I managed to get five of these Captain America trucks.

My plan is to make a USO show and war bond sales campaign, featuring CPT America.

I am also considering making a Black Captain America to recruit Black troops for the Army and to get Black Americans to buy war bonds for WWII.

 I am still considering a name for the character.  In WWII the Army was segregated by race, and Black units were referred to as (Colored) as in 23rd Infantry (Colored).  I want to use period language for the character, I am considering Negro Captain America, or perhaps, Captain Negro America, or maybe Captain America (Colored).


Black newspapers sponsored a campaign for equal rights of Blacks, stating they would win the Double Victory at home and abroad.  I want to use this design or a similar one, on the Captain American shield.  I saw a photograph of a young Black man doing a cosplay at a comic book convention of a Black Captain America, he had this on his shield.


reston668 said...

Apparently there "was" a black Captain America, though he was created in 2003.

Mike Creek said...

Yes reston668, I am trying to do a more WWII era version of a Black CPT America. I think the comics jumped they track by having too many versions, evil, Black, white, female, gay, etc.