Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Captured Sherman

This tank was built by Master Modeller Wayne Wanner.  He was selling off some of his collection through Fidelis Models and my friend Randy at Fidelis was able to make sure this fine specimen when to me.

It shows a lot about what can be done with an otherwise tired old model.  This is the Roco Minitanks Z202 Sherman tank, a kit that was probably first issued 50 years ago.  Wayne first converted it to German by painting it in a typical late WWII German camouflage scheme.  He also added the flag on the rear deck as an air recognition panel.

Next there is the side skirts.  While the Germans captured a lot of Shermans, I have never seen one with side skirts, but I have seen many captured T34 tanks with added side skirts, so I don't think this is at all unreasonable.  It really makes the tank look much more "German."

The tank has a German MG34 as the commanders machine gun.  While the Germans generally liked the .50 caliber, ammunition supplies might be difficult to obtain, so again this is very reasonable.  He put extra road wheels and track links on the front, something both Americans and Germans did with their tanks.  The rear deck has a stack of Jerry cans, typical for the Germans, and a road wheel and canvas roll.  He gave it a German style trailer hitch too.

A couple more subtle items, the gun and mantlet are from a Paul Heiser Models Sherman.  The Roco gun and mantlet are very early production.  The pistol port on the side of the turret is also an add on piece.  My thanks to Randy from Fidelis Models and my congratulations to Wayne Wanner.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Smart bit of kit there.

Pat G said...

Very interesting piece.

Bob G. said...

Now THAT is something I have never seen before.
And VERY well done to boot.

I have seen photos of Nazi-captured M8 Greyhounds, but I do like that Sherman.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Service Ration.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, Pat G is it.

Mike Creek said...

Bob G, the Germans liked the Sherman because it was good automotive wise, and they used many of them when captured. Sometimes they did rebuild them to some extent. I have never seen a Sherman with side skirts, but it is a reasonable theory.
My friend Wayne Wanner, Master Modeller, made this tank model and I commend him and take no credit for it.