Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hot Wheels vs Roco

Hot Wheels and Roco trucks.

The Hot Wheels is a very nice modern 2 1/2 ton truck, the Roco a bit older version.

They are both sturdy and nicely done.

The big difference is the price, the Hot Wheels is a dollar.

Over the years the Hot Wheels version has been released in a lot of colors.  I like the green ones.


Snickering Corpses said...

Loooong time since I've been active in the blog world and reading and commenting. Longer than I realized when I went to my own blog and saw how many years it was since my last post.

I've got several of the Hot Wheels trucks in my Roco box, along with a veritable horde of Maista M939s that I got cheap as a lot several years back. I've just started working on AK-47 Republic in 15mm, and have determined that I can probably get away with using the Maisto truck with them, since it's a little shorter than the Hot Wheels trucks are.

Mike Creek said...

Welcome back Snickering.

That is a nice M939.