Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bring Home the Bacon

In WWII the Germans had butchers to prepare livestock for the troops to eat.  Livestock did not require refrigeration, and could be purchased or taken from the local population.

These figures are "junk" troops from the spares box.  I did some head swaps to make them into soft caps.

The tree and stump is from the Alamo Accessories set by Imex.  The base is flocked sheet styrene.

The cow is a cow model with the head cut off and the middle carved out.

Troops have to eat, even in a wargame, so this is just another way to obtain supplies.


Pete. said...

That is a lovely piece- and a great way to use up figures that would otherwise be wasted.



Mike Creek said...

Thanks for reading Pete. Yes, I try and use every figure in some way. This gives me a chance to use some figures of limited utility.