Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wargame Movies

Here is a listing of movies that have inspired me to create wargames.  Even if the history is questionable, which it often is, these movies are interesting from a wargames perspective.  Some are science fiction and have no historical value, of course.

Battle of the Bulge. Massed German tank attacks, US troops surrounded in town.
Them! Troops vs giant ants.
Godzilla, King of the Monsters. Troops vs giant lizards.
Pursuit of the Graf Spee. A must for 1/2400 naval.
Starship Troopers Troops vs bugs.
The Alamo, with John Wayne, Mexicans vs Texicans.
War of the Worlds & Invaders from Mars  Troops vs Martians
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Ft. Apache, Rio Grande  Troops vs Indians
The Bunker, Downfall  Battle of Berlin German troops vs Russian troops
Gunga Din, Lives of a Bengal Lancer  British colonial
Zulu British colonial Africa
Gone With the Wind, Red Badge of Courage, Gettysburg, ACW
Beau Geste 1939 version, French colonial North Africa
55 Days at Peking Boxer Rebellion
Dr. Zhivago Russian Civil War
Battleground, Battle of the Bulge from the infantry point of view
Wings both ground and air combat, WWI
Bridge at Remagen US vs Germans at Remagen Bridge
Patton  US in North Africa, Battle of the Bulge
Bridge Too Far Market Garden US / BR vs Germans
Guadalcanal & Wake Is US vs Japanese
Das Boot Convoy battles North Atlantic
The Longest Day & Saving Pvt Ryan D-Day
Cross of Iron Eastern Front
Red Dawn Cold War gone hot
Pork Chop Hill & Retreat Hell Korean War
The Green Berets & Full Metal Jacket Vietnam War
Dogs of War African mercs

All of these movies are in my personal movie collection and I have played wargames for most of them and planned wargames for all of them.


Snickering Corpses said...

If it's not already in your personal collection, I recommend adding "Battleground" to the list.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Snickering for reminding me of that omission. It is both an excellent movie and in my collection.