Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This is the Cold Warrior M60A2 tank by Tomy.

Note there are no tracks on the kit!

Here it is with the Roco Humvee and Esci Vietnam era US Army troops.

Thanks to Don M asking for a side by side comparison between the Tomy and the Roco.  Tomy in OD green.  Their tracks are rubber and they disintegrate after about ten years.  

The Roco in desert tan.  Main differences were the cargo racks on the back and the searchlight on the side.

Roco came with a choice of gun types.  I got this one used, the previous owner failed to glue on three U shaped lifting points, that's the holes in the turret, see one just behind the gun.  The four holes along the rear are smoke launchers.

The basic hull is almost identical.

The pair together.


Don M said...

Mike do you have a ROCO version for a side by side photo?

Mike Creek said...

Okay, Don M, thanks to your comment, I dragged a Roco out of storage and took some photos for your enjoyment.

Don M said...

Thanks Mike very helpful!