Friday, July 3, 2015

Toy Show

The unpacked Atomic Cannon with my new Tim Mee trucks and armored cars.

The armored cars were a bit shy of wheels, I need three axles worth.

I got a nice supply of troops.  The blue guys are MPC I use them as US Naval landing party.

MPC guys in green, I use them as USMC, their lean look makes them seem very fit.

Lido figures, I use them as US Army.  Also some 54mm Tim Mee Vietnam era figures.  I am using the Stoner machine gunner and the 60mm mortar with my older 60mm Tim Mee figures to provide more fire support.

I got a lot of dogs, from several vendors.  I like dogs.

I got a few spacemen.  Can't have too many men is space suits.  Or anti-radiation suits.  Or toxic fumes suits.


shintokamikaze said...

A great collection

Mike Creek said...

Thank you. I really hit the jackpot this year. I saved up all year long to have enough to buy everything.