Sunday, May 3, 2015

Soviet Tanks

Soviet WWII tanks in HO scale by Mir.

Soviet propaganda posters printed from off the web.

The little trophy from the dollar store, repainted as a Soviet monument.

Bricks from Michaels Christmas building series.


reston668 said...

Is the variety of colours indicative of anything? What year they were made/sold, for example, or sun damage? I actually think it looks quite good, adds some variety to the group.

Mike Creek said...

Tanks were made by a Soviet Union company that did not seem to care about the color of the plastic. Each batch seemed to be a little different.

reston668 said...

Thanks for answering.

That's too bad it comes down to quality control, but I still think it's somewhat cool to see that little bit of variation. Although I suppose on parade they would (and should) appear much more uniform.

Mike Creek said...

I have a number of other tanks by Mir and they are all that way. My intention was to show tanks on parade to the front, so perhaps some variation would be more likely.
Thanks for reading.