Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gee Bee Fighter

What if the Gee Bee racing plane was made as a fighter?

Looks a bit like the I-16 from Russia.

I managed to drop a whole tray of M26 Pershings.  Note the damaged fender, and gun.

A bit of clay to hold the barrel in place while I glue it together.  Happened during the Bee Gee painting.

Sky Grey XF-19 from Tamiya as the under side paint for the Gee Bee.

I figure 37mm cannon in the nose, and a couple .30 caliber mgs in each wing.


John Lambshead said...

I turned this plane into an Ork Fighter

Mike Creek said...

If you have to have an Ork Fighter, this would be a good candidate, I think.
Thanks for reading John.

Sam Wise said...

lovely Gee Bee !

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Sam Wise.

jimmymac said...

Love the militarized Bee Gee! Got to try one myself! The American I-19! New to your blog. Really like it and some great ideas!

Mike Creek said...

Hello Jimmymac. Welcome. Glad you like the Bee Gee racer pursuit fighter. There are over 10,000 photos on this blog, check them all out.

Paul Stamison said...

I did this modification a while back ago, using the E flite UM (micro) Gee Bee. I thought of 1943 Alaska Army Air Corp and then asked a great friend if he can do it for me. The results is absolutely stunning.He makes these museum quality micro Rc planes.
I took it to a local RC indoor event and people were floored by it and asked where i bought it, some even thought that was thee was even a real aircraft built like this. LOL
She now sits on the shelf showing herself off to guests. I sometimes take her out for a spin around the field ringing out the cobwebs. she is a wonderful sight to watch as she flies fast and low.
Here's the site where I posted the pictures
Look for post 3904

Mike Creek said...

Paul that is a wonderful conversion to a warplane. And it flies! I like it.

Paul Stamison said...

Thank you very much. I wanted to do something totally different and this was the result. Pete did a excellent job. It was a one time project. I love changing micro RC models into what they shouldn't be.

Mike Creek said...

I like having unique things in my collection. Particularly things that could have, might have, may have been.