Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Atomic Cannon

I get Rust-Oleum from Wal Mart, it's very good quality paint and not very expensive.

I like the Deep Forest Green, it's very much like Olive Drab.

I am painting my scratch built atomic cannon.

I think the paint is doing a good job of coverage, despite a rather windy day.

I like how this turned out, but I may make a few changes...


1Mac said...

No idea what an atomic cannon is, but impressive scrathbuilding nonetheless! Is it a kitbash job?

Mike Creek said...

In the early days of the Cold War nuclear weapons were too large to be fired by regular artillery. The US Army invented the Atomic Cannon to provide atomic firepower that did not require aircraft or missiles.
It is a kit bash of a railway gun and some Roco vehicles.