Friday, April 17, 2015


The first of my demon figures.  Drying the glue to the base, using a bit of clay to hold him steady.

I often mix both super glue and plastic model glue when gluing styrene and other materials.

Many Heroclix figures have a base similar to this one.  I used clear sheet styrene to make these fresh bases.  I put a drop of model glue on the styrene and let it sit for about 20 seconds before painting the super glue onto the foot of the figure.  Waiting 20 seconds lets the styrene soften.

See the red footwear.  This color is for all the clothing.

Each demon has had a tiny hold drilled into the neck area and a small metal wire with a loop in the end is inserted into the hole.

The loop allows me to hang the figure from my aircraft suspension system.  The ability to fly is why I wanted clear bases, so they would look inconspicuous in flight.

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