Friday, April 10, 2015


This Battle Dice figure will become a Mu-Tant from Invaders From Mars.

 I have always liked this movie.

Here is my first Mu-Tant conversion.

I cut Rhino off the base, gave him a new rectangular base, in gray.  I cut off his two horns and the small knobs on his bracelets and anklet.

Then he got painted green.

This version of the Supreme Martian Intelligence is larger than the one in the movie, but I think if you are going to be a Supreme Intelligence you need a really big brain.


shintokamikaze said...

This is a great movie, not so much the remake, I have the DVD, they used condoms for the space ship walls, and the kid can be seen getting older in some of the re-shoots for the UK version

Mike Creek said...

The remake is okay, the original is great! I like the ship, the Mu-Tants and the soldiers. The ray effect heating the walls of the tunnel is very cool.

jimmymac said...

Do you have a rule set you use for these kind of games?

Mike Creek said...

If you look around the blog you will find bits of my wargaming rules. I can easily modify them to fit any specific scenario.