Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Army Men

Radio operator, new on the left.

Crawling figure.

Firing from the hip, one of my favorites.

Kneeling and standing and firing.

Radio operator from the front.


jimmymac said...

I'm new to gaming with green men. Seems like the beauty of it is just gaming without painting. Do some guys still paint these though?

Mike Creek said...

Hi Jimmymac,
The Safari Toob figures come with a little bit of painting done and most of the figure unpainted. The nice thing about Army Men is that they can stay in the original plastic or they can be painted. Good figures, in any scale benefit from a good paint job. I don't paint figures much because I have too many and I don't paint very fast.

jimmymac said...

Yeah, I still paint quite a bit but the beauty of this seems like instead of spending weeks painting up troops for one game you can put unpainted green guys out with some bugs or some dinosaurs and have a fun game. And you can do like you do and have a lot of different games to play. Haven't done a lot of sci-fi or fantasy gaming, primarily historical but I am gravitating more towards simpler fun games rather than "serious" history based ones. Your site is very inspirational! I'm finding more and more ideas all the time.

Mike Creek said...

Jimmymac that is the goal of this blog. To give ideas about what I do so others may have some fun too.