Monday, December 29, 2014

DR Doom Castle Statues

I need statures for my DR Doom castle.  Since I use 1/72nd scale figures, I am using HeroClix as statues because they are cheap, readily available and a bit larger than 1/72nd scale figures.

I am cutting a four figures up to get enough bits for two statues.  DR Doom loves his mother and so I figure he should have statues of her around the castle.

I am taking figures with long skirts and swapping the heads with other more scantily clad figures.

Here is a test fitting of a head on a new body.

Here is the second test fitting of the second figure.  I plan on stripping the paint and repainting them as bronze or marble.


Blaxkleric said...

Looking good Mike. Not sure I can watching my beloved "Heroclix" minis getting chopped up into bits but it sounds like its all in a good cause :-)

Sam Wise said...

Excellent idea ! and the result is good ! the new figures are really nice ..

Mike Creek said...

Don't worry Blaxkleric I only use the least expensive and therefore most common ones for surgery. I also try to get the most use out of them I can. On a similar project, I am swapping heads so there is no loss in the number of figures!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Sam. Keep reading.