Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Azad Hind

I try to make unusual WWII German units.  This is part of my Azad Hind unit.

Here is a Toobs Taj Mahal model, I am going to put it in my Azid Hind embassy.

I made the flag from one I downloaded from the Internet.  Printed it on paper and then folded it over a piece of plastic rod.  I carved out the spearpoint.

I took a variety of figures and swapped heads on many to make these troops.  The two on the left is Odemars,  the center figure is Dapol and the woman is from the Airfix / HaT Tarzan set.

The men all have turbans from other sets of colonial Indians.  The peacock is the national bird of India and I use it as a unit mascot.  The peacock is from Preiser and came pre-painted.

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