Saturday, December 20, 2014

Them! and GIs

Vast numbers of Them pour from the nest.

But the men are here in large numbers too.

And some of them have...

A flamethrower!

 Their rifles, submachine guns, grenades and flamethrowers rule the day.

The men seem to have one a great victory this day.  But the Medicine Man waits, because the Indians know the desert and they know Them!


Sam Wise said...

.... finished for Christmas ??
"and Santa comes and kills all of Them "

Merry Christmas !

Mike Creek said...

Santa is busy conquering the Martians.

chuck comaty said...

I'd want a few tanks to take care of "Them".

Mike Creek said...

We all do. I was on vacation and took a few figures and ants with me. I bought the Indian figure at a gift shop in Arizona. This was just a quick photo shoot on the side of the road in the desert.