Sunday, November 9, 2014

Castle Doom

I am using as many of the bits of the castle as I can, so some will become and outbuilding.  I am covering it with the large brick sheets too.  I used a marker pen to indicate which panel goes where, because each one is specifically cut for the specific wall it will cover.  The walls are just a bit less than perfect and are not interchangeable.  

Here are the roof peaks.

This actually started as an enormous chimney, cut down and flipped over it will be a guard shack.

Front gate exterior.

Front gate interior.  DR Doom looks on menacingly.  

Keeping everything to size by check with the same figure over and over again for visual reference.

Also making sure that the item is functional and large enough to hold figures with an oversize base.


1Mac said...

Converting old dollhouses into supervillain fortresses is a curious but most excellent hobby. Keep it up!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks 1Mac. It just sort of evolved. The first one was intentional, the second one was a gift that a friend got for a couple bucks.