Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Gettysburg has been largely preserved as it was in the battle.

A monument presented by FDR.

Dozens of little houses and barns are still where they were then.

There is lots of open land and they farm most of it.

In town, most of the buildings are much like it was in 1863.

We had a great visit.  The museum and the battlefield were great.


Bob G. said...

There is SO much to take's a history buff's DREAM.
I got to go a while back for the 135th anniv. of the battle...hung out with people from BOTH sides, shot a video of the re-enactment (from a WAGON) and shared a breakfast table with some fantastic "Johhny Rebs".
Kinda odd to see a flatbed hauling a civil war era field howitzer through

Glad you enjoyed it.
And once you go, you have to go back.

Carry on

Mike Creek said...

G, it is a wonderful place. I have been three times but doubt I will be able to make it again. But it would be great...