Sunday, November 2, 2014

Magic Sculpt

I often experiment with new products.  Here is a test of some product called Magic-Sculpt.  I set up some bits of sprue and tested in on this for compatibility with plastic.

Magic-Sculpt is a two part resin that is like a clay or putty material.

Just model a few bits together and kneed it together and let it harden.

Here is a little bit that I put together.  It hardens like a rock.

I used it to fill a few holes in the DR Doom castle.


Sean said...

I like how Doom's castle is progressing. So, is this Magic sculpt stuff essentially an epoxy putty like Kneadtite (Green Stuff)?

Mike Creek said...

It is similar. This stuff was originally for repairing boats, I think. It's very strong.