Friday, September 26, 2014

The Wargaming Palace

Only one photo today, but it is a rare look at the wargame room. Starting at the upper left corner of this picture you can see some 12" figures from The Outer Limits; Soldiers and Scientist from Keeper of the Purple Twilight and the Ebonite prison guard from Nightmare.  There is also a Galactus figure, in about 1/72nd scale.

They are standing on my VHS / DVD collection of movies and TV shows.  These are special shelves designed for video storage, they are not very deep.  If you look at the ceiling you can see the metal grid, it's wire used to reinforce concrete floors.  The aircraft are hanging from this wire.  I use TV antennas that are adjustable in height so that the planes can fly at different altitudes.

The boxes with the blue lids are my WWII German Luftwaffe, mostly.  The troops are my Berlin embassies, my Azid Hind Legion, and some WWII German Muslim and Orthodox Cossacks.  The red and while stick near the back of the photo is a wargame measuring stick.  It is in five inch increments for my wargame rules and we use it for long range shots.  It is marked like an artillery aiming stake.

The large building is the Reichstag, not yet finished, but pretty close.  In the far distance in grey you can see the top of the Zoo Tower, nearly done.  All these projects get finished, eventually.

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