Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Soviet Tanks

My collection is primarily late war.

T-34/76 tanks were the first type of Soviet tank in Berlin, according to the plinth at the Soviet cemetery in Berlin.

Soviet buses were used as medical vans, troop carriers, and HQ vehicles.

I cast up a few tank wheels to add a bit of detail to the ARVs.  The hatches are from T-44's and other vehicles.

I am working towards a full Soviet Mechanized Division.

I also use tanks by MIR, they are in better condition than the Roco but are not yet painted.

These three are mounting loud speakers as part of my NKVD propaganda unit.

There are 95 tanks in this box and a similar number in the other box.  There are 183 T-34/76 in a Mechanized Division.

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