Thursday, September 4, 2014

Staggerwing Loop

This is a Staggerwing.  

I put a metal loop on the top.

I drill a small hole and then coat the loop with superglue.

Then I screw the loop into the top of the wing at the balance point.

The aircraft will then balance, flat, straight and level from my ceiling over the wargame table.


Herman van Kradenburg said...

Lovely model Mike, looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I recently blogged on the staggerwing in my Aircraft blog:


Bob G. said...

Another excellent ship from a great era in aviation.
Never saw one "live" (only civil pictures), and never saw one in MILITARY livery...
Who is the maker of this kit?

Should turn out well no matter which paint job you give her.

Well done.

Carry On.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Herman.

Mike Creek said...

Hi G,
It's from Sword models. It's a low pressure injection molded kit. Squadron Shops in Texas might have it, and the Electra too.