Friday, May 3, 2013


Besides the slush cast bunker, I got a couple more slush cast cannons.

Shown here with a 60mm MPC ring hand guy I also got.  They are rather generic, I use them as different versions of the 4.7 inch US gun in service from about 1900 to 1930.  I think the solid wooden wheels were intended to represent rubber tires and the metal wheels were intended to represent wooden wheels.  Seems rather ironic that.

Picked up a few 60mm Germans.  I always liked the guy in the middle there.

MPC made African natives as ring hand figures, I got some with shields and a canoe.

Marx always had nice accessories.  This is their medical supply kit.

They also made this mortar.  I use the medical supplies with the Tim Mee medics and also with ring hand figures in white, they look like doctors.

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