Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All Quiet on the Martian Front

There is a web service called Kickstarter.  They help companies raise money to fund projects.  You pledge a certain amount of money and if the Kickstarter funds reach the goal they are trying for, you pay the money.  At some point in the future you get your stuff.  There are risks.  If the company is late or does not deliver you may not get all you ordered or the product might not be as nice as you expect it to be.  It's a good idea for small companies to raise money for small hobby products.

Alien Dungeon is running a project called All Quiet on the Martian Front.  The idea is the War of the Worlds as written by H.G. Wells happens in about 1915, and the major attack is in the United States.  The US develops tanks and other weapons to defeat the Martians.  The Martians operate a large number of different kinds of war machines.  The project will use 18mm figures and models made in resin, white metal and injection molded plastic.

I have been working on a similar project for my US Army forces only in a slightly larger size.  My intention is to have a Martian attack for 1898, 1918, 1938, and 1958.  That gives me colonial era, World War One, pre-World War Two and Pentomic Army forces to fight off Martians.  I don't know if I will take part in the Kickstarter.  It is an interesting idea.

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