Wednesday, May 1, 2013

West Coaster Haul

I picked up a drummer to go with my substantial number of Tim Mee marching troops.

I got a Marx gas mask soldier, I use them for bazooka loaders.

I got two bazookas.  My ring hand guys and prone Tim Mee M60 gunners use them.

I did pick up several Marx figures, and a Tim Mee motorcycle guy.

They had Marx recast land mines, I got all I could.

My Tim Mee figures are more powerful now with another flamethrower, and I got a few little rockets that will work as missiles.

There are a few Marx figures I use with the Tim Mee guys, the radio man is good and supplements the Tim Mee radiomen.  The kneeling firing guy is good too.

I got the Tim Mee mortar also, and a few seated guys so they can drive my Tim Mee Jeeps.

The MPC tent I got was a bit different from the standard ones, note the edges are not rolled up.

This one is the normal rolled up version.


David Nilsen said...

Love your Army Men accounts. The "little rockets" are tiny little Thunderbird 1s, maybe from one of those little Konami Gashapon dioramas.

Mike Creek said...

Thank you David.