Friday, May 17, 2013

MPC Cannon

MPC and Tim Mee played the same game, they took a cannon from one era and used it for another with just a wheel change.

This MPC cannon was sold as an American Civil War gun in blue and grey.  They changed the wheels from wooden spoked wheels to rubber tires.

Tim Mee did the opposite, they took a modern cannon and replaced the rubber wheels with wooden spoked wheels.

The MPC cannon is similar to a French 75mm gun.

In green with black tires it looks pretty good.

The French 75 was in US service until at least mid WWII.

MPC military troops to service the gun.


Phil said...

Nice gun, and very nice pictures!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Phil. Just go out into the back yard and find a likely spot and snap some shots. It makes the models much more realistic, even unpainted.