Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Boxes

One of the characteristics of a master modeller is the ability to make masterpieces out of little things the rest of us would only gloss over as unworthy.

Here Master Modeller Wayne Wanner has taken a collection of various resin and plastic bits and created masterpieces out of them.  These boxes and crates are perfect for the back of a deuce and half or Opel Blitz truck.  He has painted them in green or gray for axis and allies.

Not the simple but effective shading on the tops of the boxes and the little red bags at the bottom corner to catch the eye.  Some of the boxes are small, some large and others are barrels.  Military loads are often uniform sizes, like a truck load of ammo but many are varied, spare parts, weapons, food, fuel.  I really like the cabling tied over the gray box to give it the shipping look!  Well done Wayne!


Chris Kemp said...

Anything that makes logistics more attractive to wargamers gets my vote :O)

Regards, Chris

Bunkermeister said...

Perhaps you could bar code the bottoms?
Thanks for reading Chris, I like supply rules in my games.


GReg said...

Can we purchase these and where?

Bunkermeister said...

Try Fidelis Models, they sell these.