Monday, February 11, 2013

Char B

Paul Heiser Models is owned and operated by Paul Heiser.  He has been a good friend for decades, long before he was Paul Heiser Models.  His latest project is a flamethrower version of the Char B tank.  It will probably be included with a regular Char B.  The flame gun will have to be glued on the spot occupied by the 75mm hull gun, which will have to be cut off.

There will be a French cupola, a German modified closed and open cupola nad a rear turret hatch.  There will be separate side door and escape hatch and a fuel tank for the flamethrower.  Paul is also planning on upgrading the SOMUA S35 tank as well.

I always recommend getting your Paul Heiser Models from Fidelis Models.  Randy of Fidelis is also a great friend of mine and has a huge collection of HO scale models.  Most of them are West German and post reunification German and USMC.

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