Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cold War USSR

T10 heavy tank company, long range heavy firepower.

120mm Mortar platoon on wheeled APCs.

More supply and engineering trucks, modern armies need lots of engineering assistance.

Recon vehicles provide eyes and ears for the division commander.

More supply trucks.  The Fulda Gap is a long way from Moscow.

More vehicles, buildings, equipment in storage.


Don M said...

I got a few of those East German made Soviet trucks and BTRs from a guy from Germany on ebay, where did you get all of those?I have
one of the eary BDRMs with the sagger ATMs on the back I'm trying to search down two more to complete a unit

Bunkermeister said...

20+ years ago I had pen pals from Czechoslovakia who swapped Japanese aircraft kits for HO scale vehicles. I had three of them for several years and we swapped a lot of models. I also contacted people in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, USSR and several other countries not in the Eastern bloc who traded them to me.


Don M said...

Ok I'm going to make new friends ...)

BTW I had 3 of my buddies join your blog...)

Bunkermeister said...


This works like a pyramid scheme, they have to get three more each too now. ;)