Friday, February 15, 2013

The Federal government is hardening their infrastructure to avoid cyber-attacks.  Who does your information technology work at your agency?  Is it done by contract workers?  Is it done by city workers? 
Other countries, independent groups and even gangs have used cyber-attacks against police and other government agencies.  If your whole system were to crash, could you still dispatch calls and receive phone calls from citizens?  If your system is hacked, can your personal information be made public?  How about your city information?  Your agency payroll system has all your data on it, where you live, how much you make, your social security number, how about identity theft of all your officers names as a way to get back against your agency.
Anyone who works on your computer and phone system should be subject to a background check.  Your passwords and log in information should be be protected and changed often.  Officers who leave the agency should be removed from the system before they are actually terminated.  Some computers should not be on any system, they should be stand alone so that they can't be hacked.  Computer security, it's the police work of the 21st Century; that's what the SGT Says.

This is a post from my SGT Says blog.  Think about how computers effect police, and the military.  Think about wargames and how cyber attacks can make a difference when you set up a scenario.  You are playing the Communist Chinese vs Japan in 2015 and the Chinese manage to put a virus in the Japanese computers and kill their air force for a certain number of turns.

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