Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Behind the Scenes with Mammoths

These are the mammoth models that I used for the previous group of photos.
I got some at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.   They have an excellent museum and gift shop.
Some of the others are toys from various places over the last 30 years.  This one has a paint chip on his tusk.  I have since repaired it.
This is my whole mammoth herd.  I had to bring them inside and put them on a couple towels to let the snow melt.  I like to take photos in the snow.  It only snows a couple days a year here in Kentucky and so I have to be quick and take the photos right away or it will all melt.

 These are the figures I used.  I converted some Caesar Miniatures figures and made them into cavemen.  Most ancient figures that don't have armor or shields work okay.  Leave off most the swords and pikes but use all the spears.  There is also an Airfix Tarzan set native here without his shield.  Some of these have had spears or other items added to them.

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