Sunday, January 21, 2018

Luna Rocketship

Pegasus Hobbies Luna Rocketship.

Comes with a great base.

Moonscape looks good with robots on it.

Like this one.

Or robots fighting each other.

The spaceship is a great model. It fits together very well.  It has large pins that press fit into holes along the sides of the fuselage.  That prevents the small gap that often happens with aircraft fuselages and then requires putting after gluing.  The two body halves on Luna press fit right together.

This  little extension allows the rocket to stand up straight; it's needed because the wings don't form a tripod.

The port hole glass is a big flat piece that pressed into the window space.  Makes gluing very easy and prevents getting glue on the window itself.

It's billed as being 1/144 scale, but I will use it with 1/72nd scale troops.

On the landing area!

This view shows the pins and holes that help hold the fuselage together.  The rocket top is very pointy.  Pegasus has put a tab over the end to keep the point from being bent in shipping and storage.  Remove the tab before gluing the halves together.  Great idea.

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