Monday, October 2, 2017

Authors Notes on Combat!

My wargame rules are designed to cover combat in any era and in any genre.  As I continue to publish them I will include several other genre besides simple historical eras.  Human beings have remained essentially constant in size, and abilities for all of recorded history.  So the wargame rules I have written are written with that constant in mind.

I also believe that wargame rules writing should include a time / motion study to insure the rules can be played with a minimum of dice rolling, chart consulting, and measuring.  I also have tried to make the rules as intuitive as possible.  I do this by using the same mechanisms in each section as often as possible. 

By using specialized dice, I minimize the need to roll more than two dice at a time for any operation.  The six sided die has an arrow on most of the sides.  The arrow allows for a random determination of direction, without consulting a chart.  The twenty sided die is marked in 5% increments, with the span of 5% to 100%.  This allows a percentage to be determined without having to reference a chart or to have to add dice numbers together.  All of this speeds play.

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